RJ Insulation offer 4 Options of
Loft Insulation and Storage Solutions
These are a choice of:

All of our Insulation products are 100% Recyclable 

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RJ Insulation offer an option of a
Conservatory Roof Insulation Solution
You have a perfect choice:
Under Glass Insulation
Insulated Inside & Boarded

OPTION 1: SupaSoft Insulation, the perfect Fibreglass or Mineral Wool replacement. 

COLD LOFT INSULATION: Laid at joist level

Specifically for modern homes with trussed roofs built from 1965.

The Benefits of a Great Installation

SupaSoft Insulation is an environmentally friendly masterclass in the production of loft insulation.

SupaSoft is manufactured from single use Plastic Bottles. The bottles are ground up into flakes, heated and finally extruded into polyester fibre. Any off-cuts are recycled back through the process.

SupaSoft Insulation lasts the lifetime of your building.

Turning single use Plastic Bottles into loft insulation is an effective way to help deal with the mountain of waste in this world.

What’s more, with the need to substantially upgrade insulation levels,if we expect to meet our carbon emission targets, insulating your loft with this ECO friendly alternative to Fibreglass seems an obvious choice.

The Benefits of SupaSoft over Fibreglass and Rockwool. 

1. It will last the lifetime of your home.

2. It's exceptionally environmentally friendly. It takes approx 12,000 plastic bottles to insulate a standard loft.

3. The loft needs just 250mm of SupaSoft compared to 300mm of Fibreglass or Rockwool to meet current standards.

4. Supersoft is itch free and produces no fibres that could possibly cause coughs or lung problems.

Under Roof Insulation
Insulated Inside & Boarded

An ECO friendly alternative to Fibreglass & Rockwool

(SupaSoft uses up to 12,000 single use plastic bottles to insulate the standard loft) 

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OPTION 2: Lambswool Insulation for Traditional or Listed Properties

COLD LOFT INSULATION: Laid at joist level

Will regulate the humidity inside your loft and will minimise the risk of condensation

The Benefits of a Great Installation

All the old fibreglass and debris is bagged up and skipped. The loft is then sweep out and hoovered.

Ventilation trays and ports are installed always when required.

New Lambswool is installed (100mm between the joists and down the cavity with 140mm laid at right angles across). This installation method meets current building regulations and minimises the effects of Thermal Bridging. 

Based on your storage requirement, part or fully boarded, we will install the only BBA approved loft storage system on the market today.


OPTION 3: SuperFOIL Insulation is installed to open loft built from 1920 to the 1960's

WARM LOFT INSULATION: Between the rafters

According to SuperFOIL, keeps 92% of what was escaping, heat inside your home. Can you imagine the money saved on bills 

The Benefits of a Great Installation

Warm Loft - Your insulation is installed at rafter level. We top up your fibreglass with 100mm of Earthwool, this acts as both a sound barrier and also helps achieve the correct U Value.

A quilt of SF40FR SuperFOIL insulation is installed below the rafters and sealed to the wall plate ensuring an airtight seal is applied.

Your loft is now completely airtight and reducing heat loss in the home by up to 92%.  

Benefits of SuperFOIL SF40FR

1. Reduces Heat Loss therefore having a big impact on your energy costs.

2. Reduces solar gain therefore reducing the heat in the home during the summer months.

3. Reduces any risk of condensation therefore keeping your loft and it's contents clean, dry and spider free

4. All ready to upgrade to a loft storage room in the future.

5. SuperFOIL SF40 is BBA approved to last the lifetime of your home.

SuperFOIL SF40 is specified in all LABC's across the country.

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We CANNOT install SuperFOIL to modern trussed roofs like the one above

The loft must be open like the one below - usually in homes built in the 1960's or before. Just like in the example below.

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OPTION 4Our Loft Storage Room 

This option has SuperFOIL insulation underneath the plasterboard. So if this is an option for the future, then start with Option 3 initially.

The Benefits of a Great Installation

A 'Loft Room with a View' is a 'Warm Loft' installed as per Option 2, but with a set of battens, plasterboard and a skim finish. We can install one or two Velux Windows with lighting and electrics. A new loft hatch and timber ladder ensures ease of movement into and out of your new loft.        

This option obviously costs much more than Option 2, therefore the majority of customers start at Option 2 with a view to upgrade in the future. 

This Option has just got better with the added benefit of stairs being an added option. 


Loft Boarding 

Our BBA 'StoreFLOOR' Loft Boarding

The Benefits of a Great Installation

StoreFLOOR Loft Boarding is the ONLY system that you can install that is BBA approved, which simply means it's 'Fit For Purpose'.

The bottom of the board sits a minimum of 50mm above your fibreglass. When the eaves are 'well ventilated' this allows airflow between the two which minimises the risk of condensation forming on the bottom of the boards. 

StoreFLOOR loft boarding can hold up to an impressive 500 kg's per square meter due to its Tri- and Uni-Supports made from extremely strong engineering-grade recycled plastic. This creates a very strong and safe platform that easily surpasses the British Standard 6399-1:1996 for minimum floor load requirements.

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Conservatory to Garden Lounge

When the conservatory being too hot OR too cold is no longer an option.

Under Glass Insulation
Insulated Inside & Boarded
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The Benefits of Insulation under the glass.

1. Thermal Resistance - a layer of SF19+ with battens, airspace and finished with ventilated soffit stop any rising heat escaping through the roof

2. Year round use - Be extremely comfortable in your new Garden Lounge all year round.

3. Cheap to heat - You will see a drastic reduction on heating bills if the conservatory is used in the Winter.

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*Credit is provided subject to application & affordability

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